What You Have To Take Into Account to Request a Quick Credit


  1. fast loans are a financial tool of great help at specific times where a certain amount of money is needed quickly. Of course, you have to ask for them as long as you are sure that you can return it on the dates suggested. This aspect is important to take into account and not forget, as it is essential to return the money and pay the corresponding interest. Then, you have to have economic solvency so as not to get behind with the payments.

    For those who do not know, ASNEF responds to the acronym of National Association of Financing Entities, and refers to a business association that was created in 1967, and that brings together a list of defaulters with financial institutions in Spain , leaving for granted the data of those who have not paid their debts in a timely manner.

    Thus, ASNEF has a repertoire of information that belongs to a company called Equifax, and which, by containing information on the defaulters of different credit entities, serves as reference and consultation for several banks when someone submits a request for financing .

    In 2011, the file had the data of four million people who had a total debt of 70,000 million euros.

    Steps to request credits

    Request a credit being in a file as ASNEF and that is granted to us is possible , but the first thing you will have to do is see which fast credit entities accept clients that are in these files, thus saving time, and your money may be in your bank account much sooner than you imagine.

    • Necessary information

    This kind of quick credits usually do not require a lot of paperwork and are easy to request . To do this, you only need to add your full name, your email address and your DNI / NIE.

    • Steps to request

    Usually, in any online credit institution, requesting the money will be as simple as filling out the application form and giving it to send . You will get the answer in a short period of time, everything will depend on the entity.

    To which entities can you go to request a quick credit?

    To which entities can you go to request a quick credit with ASNEF?

    It is practically impossible for a bank to grant you financing if you are on the ASNEF list. Therefore, there are online credit institutions , that is, those companies that provide money for the acquisition of consumer goods, such as cars, appliances, and land. Of course, if you are in ASNEF, you will be able to choose this type of credits (depending on the entity).

    Rapid credit institutions that do give credits 

    1. Availability

    If you request a credit in Dispon, in 10 minutes you will have the answer of whether they grant it or not! With Dispon, for example, you can get up to 400 euros.

    2. Savso

    It is a financial entity that allows obtaining loans belonging to ASNEF . Of course, as long as the debts are less than 1,000 euros .

    3. Twinero

    This financial institution is specialized in online microcredits . In just 10 minutes, you can get up to 600 euros without the need for paperwork or endorsement. They accept applications from ASNEF clients, but whose debt does not amount to 2,000 euros.

    4. Cashper

    Entity that specializes in fast online mini-credits. With it, you will have amounts between 50 and 500 euros, without any paperwork and belonging to lists as ASNEF.

    5. Kredito24

    You will get an easy loan obtaining quickly belonging to ASNEF. Get in 15 minutes quantities up to   750 euros, no need for endorsement or payroll! Dreaming is possible!

    6. Viaconto

    You will get up to 600 euros in just 10 minutes with ASNEF, as long as your debt does not exceed 1,000 euros and this is not due to defaults with banking or financial entities.

    What you need to know 

    Of course, it is very difficult to leave Asnef without facing the payment of outstanding debts . However, yes you can: you must wait 6 years for the Law to favor you , since your name will be removed from the Asnef file automatically. Now, you can not get outstanding debts that remain unpaid in all that time.

    It is important to emphasize that the debt will remain in force. That is to say, we will no longer suffer the inconveniences of being registered with Asnef, with all the inconveniences that it entails, but we must face the payment of any debt, since the creditors will claim it in other ways.

    Now that you know that there are entities that give loans with ASNEF, you must take into account what are the steps to apply for a loan in these circumstances, and even how to get out of this file of defaulters, although this last is not a quick process, it is perfectly possible to return to the normality of your personal financial situation.

    As you can imagine, the best way to request mini-credits or online credits is not to be included in ASNEF , since you will be opened many more doors of more entities, and even banks.