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The Flash Season two ended in January and it has been four months that several spoilers have been spreading about it. However, The Flash Season 3 Online, the epic finale drowned us in despair as Barry took the worst possible decision. The speedster traveled back to the past to the night his mother got killed and chose to save her life. It means he has undone two major things that happened over the two seasons after his mother’s death. It includes his father’s arrest, he getting struck by the lightning which means he is not going to be The Flash, anymore.

the flash season 3 trailer

The Flash Season 3 Premiere Date

The Flash Season 3 Release/Premiere Date is October 4, 2016. As well as the game changes, the finale is going to have the huge impact on the upcoming series as it is going to display an entirely different timeline, titled as the “Flashpoint”. According to the inside sources, Barry Allen is not going to have any of his super powers. Also, we have to wait and see if Barry regrets his decision of saving his mother and undoing whatever that has been done.

The Flash Season 3 Wiki

A thing to consider about this new storyline is that the writers are not just going to install the huge theme for nothing, so they will naturally spend relevant time in it by following it. If this is the first Superhero show you’re watching or if you’re entirely new to the whole ‘comic’ thing, the season 3 is going to overwhelm you and confuse you at the same time.

Flashpoint is going to begin in an entirely parallel world where Barry’s mother is alive; his father is living happily with his mother, where various villains and superheroes are living dual lives and where Team Flash or JLA doesn’t exist. After the finale, Barry will be aired on the screen without any clue of what’s happening thinking that he is in a Genjutstu (Alternative world).

The Flash Season 3 Online Teaser & Trailer

The Flash 3 Season 3 Online Trailer is around the block now. Please check the below link to play it.

However, he realizes that his reality has changed and that he’s in an alternative universe where the timeline is different. First, he will be happy that his mother is alive but gradually, after seeing that so many things have changed, he seeks the help of Batman to take him back to his original world where he still has superpowers. Therefore, In the flash season 3 online two realities are going to be shown simultaneously with the multitude concept.

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