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In this article we will talk about how to get loan from Scoredloan! But if you want, you can also choose one of these options:

Scoredloan was founded in 1990 by two entrepreneurs who decided to offer credit to retailers in the city of Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo. In 2010 it underwent a major expansion, starting the personal loan and credit card segment, after entering into partnerships with Richard and Charlie. In 2015, the company also entered into a partnership with Pro-bas Credit, in order to operate in the online loan segment.

Scoredloan has issued more than 5 million cards, is accepted in more than 2 million partner stores and offers more than 30 financial products to its customers.

Advantages of Scoredloan

Low Interest: On average, the interest rate is 4.9% per month. This is below the average of the non-factored personal credit market, which currently stands at 7.18% per month (Central Bank, May 2016).

For members, interest may be even lower, reaching 2.8% per month.

The credit is deposited into your bank account within 24 hours after approval.

You can choose to be a Scoredloan associate, which can bring you benefits when it comes to borrowing.

If you are an associate, you may have access to pre-approved credit.

You can install the loan up to 15 times, even for small amounts.

Disadvantages of Scoredloan

Many of Scoredloan’s advantages are restricted to associates. However, becoming an associate can embed costs that go unnoticed and can make your loan more expensive. So be aware: debit all fees charged before closing a loan.

The site is not clear as to the loan service. He directs the interested party to call the company for more information.



Interest rate : on average, 4.9% per month. It varies according to your credit analysis. (given June 2016)

Fees : The Scoredloan website is not clear on this information.

IOF : It is the tax on credit operations. Generally it is 0.38% + 0.0041% per day on the value of the credit. If this cost is not told before closing the loan, ask for it!

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Watch out! Fees such as brokerage fees or taxes (as is the case with IOF) can increase the total cost of your loan without you noticing. Always compare Total Effective Cost (CET) before closing a loan.

Documentation required

Other documents may be requested before your loan is approved. But generally, only these 4 are requested:

  • Document with photo (RG or CNH)
  • CPF (if you are already on the ID, so do not worry about it)
  • Proof of Residence (less than 90 days)
  • Proof of Income (wages, paycheck, bank statement, etc.)

Types of Personal Loans at Scoredloan

Scoredloan offers personal loans in two ways: personal loan, non-payroll or credit card . However, the site is not clear as to fees. That way, you should call there to check out the best product for you.

Usually the personal loan is usually more advantageous, but if the value is small, getting a credit card and splitting the purchase can also be a good way out.

See below how to decide.

Step by step: how to get a loan from Scoredloan?

Step by step: how to get a loan from Scoredloan?

Access the Scoredloan website and check each of the available personal credit options: Personal Loan (click here) or Credit Card.

Make a simulation with the attendant. Tell us what amount you want to finance and in how many installments.

Write down the credit card and personal loan rates and IOF. If so, note the fees you will pay if you become a member.

Add up all fees, installments and taxes and arrive at Total Effective Cost .

Choose the cheapest!

Be sure to compare the other banks!

Be sure to compare the other banks!

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Go directly to the Scoredloan website Use our loan simulator

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Simulate a Low Interest Loan!

Compare rates for more than 20 banks for your loan. Escape high interest rates and get the loan with the best rate for you!