Consumer Credit

It is not always enough to just have your savings to fulfill your plan. A consumer credit can help you reach your goal faster. Examine the possibilities of repayment. Borrow responsiblyBenefits 

  • Amount from 100 USD to 5000 USD
  • Term from 3 months to 5 years
  • Without collateral
  • 18 to 75 years


How to borrow on the Internet more profitable?

How to borrow on the Internet more profitable?

1. Compare offers

The following table summarizes the various consumer loan offers and their eligibility conditions. Choose the one (s) that suits you best and fill out the application form.


2. Fill in the application and find out your creditworthiness and credit limit

You will receive an answer on your credit availability via email and / or mobile phone. Each lender may have their own, slightly different rules. If you do not meet all the requirements, credit specialists may offer a lower loan amount or ask for a longer repayment term. You will need to transfer $ 0.01 to your Company account from your bank account in order to accept the application.


3. Get cash in your bank account

In the case of a positive decision, you will receive money in your account (within one bank) within minutes after approval of the application. In situations where accounts are in different banks, it will take longer to receive the money.

Unlike traditional credit institutions, consumer credit can be applied for online without leaving home. All procedures are performed remotely by electronic verification of data. For private non-bank lenders, the money lending process is not important, but the end result. To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, carefully read the terms of the contract before signing it. The agreement contains all terms of cooperation and agreed costs as well as conflict resolution arrangements. Keep in mind that non-payers have to pay extra costs, but if you want you can get your money back faster with no extra commission.


Conditions of eligibility and documentation required

credit conditions

No documents are required to obtain a loan. All required data is verified remotely – via the Internet, through online databases. These records contain information on taxes paid, credit history, etc. In situations where a customer’s solvency is in doubt, they may be asked to send a bank account statement electronically within the last three to six months.

In Latvia, consumer credit is granted to people aged 20 (less than 18) with regular incomes. In addition, old, overdue debts must be paid at the time of filing the application. If you have already taken out another loan, that in itself is not an obstacle to borrowing again, provided there is an appropriate level of income.